KCG partnered with MUSC Health to create standardized recruitment processes and centralized reporting and tracking tools. Recently, we interviewed one of MUSC Health’s Senior Physician and Provider Recruiters, Robin Revels, to discuss the process and tools utilized. Read or watch the conversation below and see our one-page Engagement at a Glance and learn more about the project HERE.



Conversation has been edited for length and clarity

Misty Antonacci: Hi Robin, how are you?

Robin Revels: I’m good, how are you?

Misty: I’m doing great, thank you. Robin Revels here, is a Senior Physician and Provider Recruiter, based in MUSC’s Midlands region. She was heavily involved in our project to standardize the recruitment process at MUSC and build some tools and reports to support the team. Robin was a great partner on the project and we appreciate all the insight she provided along the way.

Before we start, I want to set the stage a little bit and talk about some of the expansion that MUSC has gone through in the past couple of years. MUSC is an academic medical center based in Charleston, South Carolina. In 2019, they acquired four community hospitals, expanding their region to the Florence and Lancaster regions of South Carolina and establishing their Regional Health Network across the state. Then, in 2021, MUSC continued their expansion with the purchase of three hospitals in the Midlands region. These acquisitions, coupled with some additional growth and construction, has expanded MUSC statewide in the past few years.

Robin this is where my first question for you comes up: How has this rapid expansion of MUSC changed the role of the physician recruitment team at the organization?

Robin: Well, it helped to form the physician recruitment team. Prior to this, it was a team of one, and it has now grown to a team of eighteen in just a short amount of time. The growth at MUSC statewide ultimately translated to an increase in patient demand and a need for providers throughout the state, so as a team we have been incredibly fortunate to be a part of this entity who has fully supported the team’s growth without question. This is not just with additional recruiters, we have seen additions of marketing strategists, sourcing specialists, and onboarding coordinators. So, it is more than just recruiters, there is a big team behind the scenes that brings care team members to MUSC and throughout the state.

Misty: So as you mentioned, this team really expanded quickly, it went from 1 to 18 so fast, and that was the catalyst to build this tool and start this process. You were quite heavily involved as an early stakeholder in developing the process and the tools, what was the main goal that you were hoping to achieve when we started that, and do you think that we achieved it?

Robin: So in business, and really in every aspect of life, communication and organization are paramount. So, and I think that I speak for the entire team, we were looking to achieve a process that would really allow us to effectively communicate in a better, more organized way, and this was certainly achieved because of the Smartsheet tool you guys helped us create. Our efforts are much more organized and as a result, we’ve been able to effectively communicate with our leadership and stakeholders as to where we are in the process with each search, or even down to a more finite detail, each candidate.

Misty: So now that your team has been utilizing the tool for over a year, what is the biggest benefit that you’ve seen since these processes and tools were implemented?

Robin: OK, this is going to sound incredibly cliché, but stick with me, I think the biggest benefit is getting all of the recruiters on the same page. Prior to this tool it was the wild west, Misty, you remember our initial meetings where we each had our own method for tracking candidates? So, one of the biggest headaches for us and our leadership was that when it came time to having to provide data at the snapping of the fingers, we could have been out in the field with a candidate and needed to stop what we were doing in order to provide our leadership and stakeholders with what they were looking for in a timely manner. It wasn’t ideal for any party involved, but now that we have this tool, our leaders are able to login and pull reports effectively and as needed without having to contact each one of us out in the wild west to get all of us to compile our data into one. So being on Smartsheet, we can all have our data there at any moment’s need, and it has been amazing.

Misty: That’s really great to hear. You know I’m really happy that we were able to help you all achieve that work. So, that leads me into my last question: What unique value or perspective KCG brought to this project to make it successful?

Robin: Honestly, I think that you knew what we needed before we did. So again, going back to those wild west meetings where we all met virtually, you knew what we needed in the end game, but when you were dealing with all of these different personalities, and recruiters have fun personalities, we all had our own method for tracking and you were able to ascertain what the best practices for each of us were and you incorporated that in the tool that we ultimately now use. So, your professionalism was amazing and you’re to be commended dealing with all of us.

Misty: Thank you so much. We really value our partnership with MUSC and it was really great to work with you all and help you with this project. We look forward to working with you more in the future, and I want to thank you so much for your time today.

Robin: Thank you.