Management Consulting Services

Over recent years, growing economic complexities and pressures have challenged healthcare organizations to reexamine old ways of thinking. With fewer resources, healthcare organizations are now expected to create even greater value – not only through delivering care to sick patients, but also by implementing strategies to keep communities well. KCG works side-by-side with healthcare executives to define solutions to their toughest challenges – confronting instability and uncertainty with data-driven insights and actionable strategy.

Simply having a provider network as a dedicated referral base isn’t enough anymore – the key is deploying a clinical delivery strategy that drives access and efficiency, ensures clinical and financial accountability, and creates a framework for collaborative, team-based care across the continuum.  Whether you are looking to establish a new care delivery model or optimize an existing one, KCG has the experience and tools to help.

Health System Development

At its core, successful clinical integration requires an organizational foundation that facilitates growth, geographic expansion, and service offering diversity across multiple care settings. KCG partners with executives to design and stand-up organizational constructs that allow hospitals and health systems to better manage risks, create economies of scale, and drive healthcare value across the continuum.

Strategic Planning

The modern healthcare organization operates in an exceedingly complex and increasingly competitive environment. Its leaders must make critical decisions related to growth, resources and technology that stand to have profound implications on its future. KCG’s consultants work closely with healthcare organizations to craft a strategic planning process that meaningfully engages stakeholders and delivers an effective strategy designed for real-world implementation.


To remain competitive in an environment marked by healthcare reform, strong, overt provider and system partnerships are more essential than ever. Given the tenuous nature and potential complexity of these relationships, KCG has created a formalized approach to define and implement novel affiliation arrangements that drive value and mutual benefit.

Ambulatory Strategy & Growth

As emphasis on value-based care and other reform initiatives shift focus from the hospital to the outpatient setting, the need for a tightly aligned ambulatory enterprise has never been greater. KCG works with hospital and health system leaders to achieve seamless integration across the continuum of care, create effective ambulatory capture strategies, and drive performance.

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen an extremely high volume of integration & consolidation.  Deriving value from these transactions requires capturing synergies from the strategic alignment of new & past assets.  KCG partners with hospital and health system leaders to develop and implement sound integration strategies, robust frameworks for operationalization, and best practice methodologies to drive desired outcomes.

Physician-Hospital Alignment

Today’s leading healthcare organizations know that hospital and physician leaders must align efforts to address pressing challenges and leverage promising opportunities. We believe that alignment goes beyond an employment agreement. KCG works closely with executives and physicians to identify the right form of alignment and implement an approach that positions both parties for long term success.

M&A Integration Planning

Creating value during a merger, acquisition, or major structural integration requires an air-tight game plan for go-live. All integrations are unique, but each has elements that require moving with urgency, while others require more caution. KCG works with integrating organizations to facilitate critical Day 1 readiness – establishing plans and priorities that are actionable, logical, aligned with organizational strategy, and that instill goodwill with employees and patients, alike.

Post-Merger Integration & Optimization

Significant events like mergers or acquisitions present organizations with unique opportunities to make rapid changes that have real, bottom-line impact. But too often, leaders miss the opportunity to drive truly meaningful change. KCG partners with healthcare organizations to create and implement integration strategies that optimize – rather than disrupt – existing practices, and prioritize driving value and growth in a post-merger environment.

Clinical Funds Flow & Physician Compensation

New regulatory standards and instability in external funding place increasing pressures on healthcare organizations to allocate resources strategically. KCG works with hospitals and health systems to develop and deploy strategic funding models that create consistent and transparent mechanisms – aligned with clear performance expectations and compensation goals – to ensure financial decisions are made and behaviors are rewarded in alignment with overall organizational strategy.

In order to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and regulated environment, healthcare organizations are required to champion strategies that drive operational productivity, efficacy, and value.  KCG’s consultants partner with hospital and health system leaders to drive growth, increase margin, and set the foundation for continuous improvement.

Service Line Development & Optimization

Healthcare organizations drive clinical quality and economic value through the creation of service lines: the strategic bundling and internal governance of patient services, procedures, and clinical sub-specialties. Whether you’re looking to create a new service line or optimize an existing one, our consultants have the tools and expertise to drive success through every stage of the process.

Integrated Financial Performance Management

Ultimately, leadership relies on finance to provide critical input to all major decisions. KCG believes the finance function should be a strategic partner to the rest of the organization and helps healthcare organizations align planning, budgeting, reporting and analytics to drive insight for better strategic and operational decision-making.

Operational Assessment & Optimization

Improving margins involves more than just reducing expenses. Our consultants leverage outputs of workflow analysis to increase efficiency, utilization, and productivity, breaking down operational barriers and driving quality outcomes through the alignment of people, processes, and technology.

Interim Leadership

When a critical leadership gap emerges, many organizations will make a hasty move to fill the void, often with mixed results. KCG’s executive consultants and interim leaders maintain organizational stability, drive needed change, and ultimately establish the foundation for future leadership success.