KCG partners with healthcare leaders to devise strategies that balance a commitment to long-term vision with the agility to adapt to changing market dynamics – delivering solutions that enhance access, drive efficiency, and ensure clinical and financial accountability.

Enterprise Strategy & System Development

To succeed in the changing healthcare landscape, an organization’s strategy must infuse its long-term vision into near-term initiatives.  KCG serves as a thought partner to healthcare executives and board members – delivering robust, actionable strategies that facilitate value creation and manage risk.

Service Line Strategy & Optimization

As the economics of healthcare delivery shift to favor organizations that manage patient care across the continuum, health systems are revisiting their current care delivery structures and exploring new models.  KCG partners with organizations to reimagine existing service lines and construct new ones that deliver enhanced patient care and quality, more engaged providers, and improved financial results.

Strategic Affiliations & Network Development

To remain competitive in an environment marked by healthcare reform, health system partnerships are more essential than ever.  KCG works with healthcare organizations to create novel affiliation programs and partnership agreements that are sustainable and enhance value creation and performance.

KCG collaborates with hospital and health system executives to develop and implement sound partnership strategies, robust frameworks for integration, and best practice methodologies to capture synergies from the strategic alignment of new and legacy assets.

M&A Integration Planning & Readiness

Creating value during a merger, acquisition, or major structural integration hinges on deliberate decisions and meticulous planning.  KCG works with organizations to prepare for Day 1 and beyond – translating vision and objectives into tactical action plans that are aligned with organizational strategy and instill goodwill with employees, patients, and the community.

Post-M&A Integration & Optimization

Organizations pursue M&A to achieve a strategic objective or capture an opportunity, but too often the ‘deal’ fails to deliver its intended value.  KCG partners with healthcare organizations to create and implement integration strategies that optimize existing processes, create value, and drive growth in the post-merger environment.

Hospital-Physician Alignment

For a successful clinical integration, hospital and physician leaders must coordinate efforts and share accountability for value creation.  KCG works with executives and physicians to identify alignment opportunities and implement incentives and structures that ultimately positions both parties for long term success.

KCG works alongside hospital and health system leadership to drive growth, increase margin, and set the foundation for continuous improvement – embedding strategies into the fabric of the organization that optimize productivity, efficacy, and value.

Clinic Throughput & Ambulatory Optimization

In the ambulatory environment, an effective patient flow is central to creating an operationally efficient clinic.  KCG partners with ambulatory leaders to implement best practices, lean business strategies, and standardized care pathways – driving access, mitigating workflow constraints, enhancing quality and safety, and optimizing patient and provider experience.

Process Improvement

Improving margins involves more than just reducing expenses – it requires eliminating operational barriers and driving quality outcomes through the alignment of people, processes, and technology.  Our consultants layer workflow analyses on top of cost reviews to increase efficiency, utilization, and productivity.

Enterprise Performance Management

Effective Enterprise Performance Management [EPM] empowers leaders to make fast, flexible, informed decisions.  KCG partners with Finance, Strategy, and Operations executives to put data at the heart of decision-making – reducing process complexity and aligning planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analytics to successfully execute enterprise strategy and realize organizational goals.