As we reflect on 2018, it’s impossible to ignore the mega-mergers and vertical integration that happened across the healthcare industry. Whether it’s a new marquee venture like Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan or a complete acquisition like the CVS/Aetna deal, these partnerships are disrupting the traditional healthcare delivery model. Designed to offer patients more affordable and accessible care, these models are shifting patients away from the hospital and to ambulatory settings, retail or urgent care facilities, or virtual care platforms.

At this point, we’ve seen hospitals take steps towards making their clinical delivery system more patient-centric [expanding into the ambulatory setting, opening retail clinics, developing a telehealth program, etc.]. However, moving into 2019, we predict that there will be even more cross-industry integration and even greater disruption – and as a result, hospitals will be forced to react more drastically. We’re curious…what kind of strategies do you think hospitals should or could explore to compete against these new healthcare ventures?

About the Author
Kingsley Mooney
Senior Consultant

Kingsley Mooney, Senior Consultant, joined the KCG team in Summer 2018. Mooney’s passion and strength is in helping healthcare organizations recognize strategic growth and clinical improvement opportunities. Notable projects include: the design, development, and execution of a regional AMC’s affiliation strategy and the assessment of seamless care delivery across a health system’s enterprise.

Prior to joining KCG, Mooney was an Account Manager at the Advisory Board Company [ABC] — driving large, multifaceted health systems’ utilization of Advisory Board research partnerships and technology platforms.  Through this exposure, Mooney identified the need for improving healthcare operations and driving performance-based results and decided to pursue her Masters in Health Administration at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  She completed her Fellowship at KCG and graduated with her degree in May 2019.

Mooney completed her undergraduate studies at Washington and Lee University, where she majored in Economics and minored in Art History.