Forbes released some great advice for the Class of 2018 that I’ve found to be true in my first real job at Knowledge Capital Group. The transition from college to ‘adulting’ can be a bumpy one—your schedule is no longer customizable, your achievements are expected rather than praised, and you must design your own development goals instead of relying on those defined for you. That being said, if you are strategic in your career approach this comes with some major benefits such as independence, personal and professional fulfillment, countless opportunities, and of course free coffee [and snacks]. What professional advice would you give to the Class of 2018?”

About the Author
Raina Datt

Raina Datt, Analyst, joined KCG in January 2018. Datt’s passion for healthcare stems from her time supporting her grandfather, a former cardiothoracic surgeon, in his practice.  Notable client projects during her time at KCG include: health system organizational redesign, optimizing efficiency in provider recruitment, health system affiliation service assessment, and post-merger integration of health systems.  Additionally, she drives value-added internal initiatives, such as firm recruitment and technology platform management.

Prior to joining KCG, Datt held internships with both the Medical University of South Carolina and the National Science Foundation, before graduating magna cum laude from the College of Charleston’s Honors College with a Bachelor’s in Science in Biology and a Minor in Health.